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Jorge Cherbosque, Ph.D.

Jorge Cherbosque

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Organizational Consultant/Trainer/Executive Coach
Motivational Speaker
Cross Cultural Marketing Research

Dr. Jorge Cherbosque was born and raised in MexicoHe lived in different parts of the world until settling in the United States in 1978 to earn masters and doctoral degrees in psychology from the University of Southern California. Director of the UCLA Staff and Faculty Counseling Center for two decades, he is also an associate professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.  An active and engaging speaker, trainer, and consultant, he works with Fortune 500 companies and groups from the Young Presidents Organization, World Presidents Organization, and Young Entrepeneurs Organization. He has published numerous articles in a broad range of scholarly journals and co-authored (with Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe) Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World: The Hard Truth about Soft Skills in the Workplace (2008).

Dr. Cherbosque is a clinical and industrial psychologist whose vision and philosophy is oriented toward helping individuals and organizations move from “TGIF” (Thank God It’s Friday) to what he calls “TGIH” (Thank God I’m Here). His passion lies in helping individual and corporate clients encounter their “unicability” – the synergy formed from their passions, talents, and emotional intelligence. Dr. Cherbosque’s approach to training is geared toward four different but interrelated goals: he gives participants at least one practical idea to apply to family and home life; one practical idea to apply to the workplace; and one practical idea for self-development. The fourth goal is to help create an environment of safety and joy because he believes that is how real growth occurs.


Cathy Cherbosque, Ph.D.

Cathy Cherbosque

Research and Development

Dr. Cathy Cherbosque facilitates our Personal Development through Literature and History Series,  a unique method of teaching leadership and emotional intelligence skills. Through classic texts and notable historical players, she encourages a relaxed and enjoyable give-and-take in online and live group discussions. Additionally, she produces Unicability webinars, authors our blog, and manages our social media tools.  She is currently co-writing (with Jorge Cherbosque) a book on extraordinary workplaces.

Dr. Cherbosque brings multiple perspectives to her work promoting healing, leadership, and diversity awareness. She holds a doctoral degree in history from Claremont Graduate University and individual masters degrees in history, educational psychology, and information science. A visual literacy and historical memory scholar, she has conceptualized and mounted public exhibitions and lectured/published on a wide range of topics. Most recently she served as Associate Director for Strategic Planning at UCLA’s Volunteer Center, harnessing social media for the promotion of civic engagement at the University and in the broader Los Angeles community. She has long been active in the non-profit mental health/activism arena, volunteering at Los Angeles community-based organizations such as the Maple Center, the Center for Psychological Services, the San Fernando Valley Child Guidance Clinic, and Abolish Slavery.

Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World defines and elaborates the emotional intelligence and diversity model...

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